“Warwick Mansell’s Education by Numbers: the Tyranny of Testing provides the most comprehensive review of the current assessment regime in England that has yet appeared.”
– Professor David Hargreaves, Chris Gerry and Tim Oates, writing in System Redesign 2: Assessment Redesign, a SpecialistSchools and Academies Trust publication.

“Unputdownable. I think this book should be required reading for everybody running a school. If people stopped and thought for a moment, they might realise the dreadful damage that is being done in the name of ‘education’. Or, more possibly, they do realise, but fear overrides all. I shall be recommending the book to everyone I know.”
– Mike Kent, head of ComberGrovePrimary School, Camberwell, south London.

“A tour de force…a marvellously researched book”. Hank Roberts, London teacher.

“Mansell combines narrative skill, investigative flair and academic rigour to produce a seminal work”. Bernard Barker, former head teacher and academic.

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