Thursday brought more publicity for the Open Eye campaign, which is challenging aspects of the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) proposals.

I must admit that I’m not completely up to speed with this debate, since early years has never been an area of specialism for me at the TES. However, it does seem that some of the arguments and concerns here are very similar to those affecting the education of 5- to 18-year-olds, including the effects of what might be seen as excessive Government control, the possible over-interpretation of statistics by Whitehall and the unintended consequences of superficially well-meaning policies. The foremost worries, for me, would be that children might be made anxious by the Government targets of this regime, which put pressure on them and those looking after them to achieve from a young age, and that parents wanting a different approach will find it difficult to opt for one. I am aware, however, that the EYFS has many defenders, who say that it will improve much early years provision.

Open Eye had a very favourable write-up in The Times after leading authors and educationists wrote a letter criticising the Government’s latest position on the EYFS. 

The news article is here:

The paper’s leader is here:




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